Law as a profession is in great demand these days. Due to the changing social and economic circumstances and the ever-increasing regulatory role being undertaken by the government, there is a rising demand for the lawyers. Besides being financially lucrative, Law is an adventurous and exciting career option.

Lawyers are held in high esteem in our society, and there remains the faith that when everything else fails, one can still take the path of the legal system. In our daily life in one way or other, we may come across situations where legal advice is required. In such situation, we need the advice of legal professionals who analyze and interpret law properly.

Corporate law careers have been a recent development in the field, coming into limelight only after the opening up of our economy after the herald of the era of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization.

Here are some of the legal career opportunities in vogue:


The most obvious career choice and also perhaps the toughest one if you hail from a non-legal background. Basically, here the job of the advocate is to represent his clients in courtroom. It is regarded as one of the toughest career options. But once you do succeed, the rewards are not only material but also soulful. Being a medium in your countrymen’s fight for justice is a fulfilling vocation indeed!

Corporate lawyer:

You’ve got to be able to put your head in the game (err, transactions) & focus on the work. The bright side of this career option is the remuneration, which is fancy (and we actually mean that it is on par with the suited investment bankers you see in your regular drama series like Suits) and you usually work with smartest of the lot from this field. One corporate lawyer remarked that she liked this side of the law precisely because the transactions take place among peers: There is no wronged party, no underdog, and usually no inequity in the financial means of the participants.

Judicial Services:

Now, imagine, a 25-year old being called Lord.

The best part about pursuing this career option is that it is only restricted to law students. Judicial services is regarded as the most prestigious & honourable profession around the globe. You must have seen in movies where an old man sitting on the dais, thumping hammer & saying Order-order. Well that’s not really the case in real courtrooms.

Basically, judges are responsible for deciding a conflict between the two parties who have opposing views.

This option is an all-time favourite of all the fans of sarkari naukri & society mee izzat. The spacious bungalows, guaranteed compensation and a retinue of domestic help comes as a part of the package.

Civil Services:

Law students have a definite edge over all the other UPSC aspirants, especially over medicos and engineers. Reason being, the syllabus and paper pattern has become more general studies centric, leveling the playing fields for all and giving a higher hand to law students due to papers like Indian Polity (Constitutional Law), International Relations (International law + Political Science) etc.

Additionally, opting law as an optional for mains is also a safe bet when it comes to scoring patterns. This one is my personal favourite!

Recent surveys are the glaring example of the success of NLU pass out in civil services.


With the dearth of good teachers in every educational institution in the country be it the NLUs or the traditional law universities, teaching has and always will remain an excellent career option for those who have the zeal to pass on the torch of legal illumination to the upcoming generations. It’s one of the most prestigious & reputable profession as well. The senior legal academicians are always consulted by the parliament while making laws on different subjects as well as by judges where there are loopholes in the judicial system.

Judge Advocate General (Army):

The road less traveled

The Indian Army also provides a specialized career opportunity for law graduates. The Army JAG officer is the position in the Army which can be filled only by a law graduate.

This is a branch in the Indian Army which consists of law qualified Military officers. The head of this branch of Army is the Judge Advocate General. The JAG officers assist the Army with Court martials and military law. The Judge advocate general acts as the legal and chief judicial officer of the army.


Skills such as researching from large pieces of varied and complicated sources and translating this into essays and opinions and the ability to present your answer clearly and coherently come in quite handy when pursuing a career in journalism. Not to mention, a legal education gives you the necessary activist spirit to crusade for justice and enables which is so essential in a modern democracy where media is the sentinel for the rights of the people.

Public Prosecutor:

Becoming a state attorney also know as a government pleader is another lucrative option with the tag of Sarkari naukri. Govt. pleaders are responsible to represent the govt. in a suit where govt. has been made a party.

Ever saw a case name like ‘XYZ  V. State of MP’ ? Here, one party is an individual person & other is the govt. So, govt. also needs to be represented in the courtrooms & here Public Prosecutor comes into play.


Different public sector undertakings like Indian Oil, ONGC, LIC etc. hire their own legal advisers for various cells and departments. These big public sector companies get into litigation everyday & to represent them they need law graduates who can stand for them in the courtroom. This is again a stable government job with lots of perks and emoluments.

Legal Content Writer:

Law Firms has open the posts for a content writer. A content writer is the one who highlights the management and marketing of the firms through his writing skills. Much reputed management is now hiring Legal Content Writer. Big Law Firms usually pay high salaries to the content writer up to INR 50,000 to INR 1 Lakh. So if you have the ability to research and writing, then the legal content writer is the best opportunity for any law graduates. Legal blogs writing is the more gaining method to secure the knowledge and also to share the views on the internet with other connected lawyers and people.

No matter what the circumstances are, always tell yourself: “It only needs grit and I must not lack it,

The world is a hard nut but I mean to crack it.”When you have the zeal and enthusiasm to is the limit!